Cable and Telecommunications

Bradley Werner, LLC serves both as the cable administrator and legal counsel for cable franchising authorities. We have experienced staff dedicated to assisting municipalities in cable and telecommunications regulation.

 The duties that Bradley Werner can be assigned as franchise administrator for a City include:

  • Monitor Franchise Compliance
  • Monitor Rates
  • Handle Customer Questions and Complaints
  • Communicate Directly with the Franchisee
  • Certify Senior Discounts
  • Preside over Meetings
  • Administer City Activities Between Meetings
  • Assist with Budget Preparation
  • Communicate Regularly with City Staff and Council Persons
  • All of the day-to-day Cable Administrative Functions of the City

Our Offices

Bradley Werner, LLC

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul Office


    2145 Woodlane Drive,
    Suite 106,
    Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

  • Chicago Office


    1101 Davis Street #1822,
    Evanston, IL 60204