Real Estate

Generally, when you are involved in a real estate transaction, the expectation is the transaction will proceed smoothly, without legal issues or surprises like problems with a deed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and in the course of some deals you may need an attorney to represent you.  At Bradley Werner, we provide a whole range of real estate legal services including:

Residential and Commercial Property Services

When you are considering purchasing or leasing residential or commercial property, sometimes the best way to prevent problems is to have an attorney review all purchase and sale agreements. When you need an attorney to work with you, we provide a whole range of services including:

  • Purchase Agreements
  • Residential and Commercial Leases
  • Residential and Commercial Closings

Commercial real estate deals tend to be more complex than residential real estate purchases or leases and we’re prepared to assist with a whole range of problems including:

  • Title issues
  • Boundary issues
  • Cancellation of Purchase Agreement
  • Cancellation of Contract for Deed
  • Mechanics Liens

These types of issues to not have to take months to resolve while you lose money, instead, work with an experienced Minnesota real estate attorney to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Litigation Services

Real Estate2

Because real estate contracts typically offer a way to settle disputes through mediation or arbitration we are fully prepared to represent our clients in these proceedings. However, when this is not possible, we are fully prepared to litigate a whole range of matters and take these issues to trial including:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Adverse Possession
  • Fraudulent Inducement
  • Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Proceedings Subsequent to Initial Registration
  • Decree of Descent

Additional Real Estate Related Services

Each real estate transaction is unique and our attorneys are fully prepared to help you with problems which develop during or after a transaction has been complete. We have a comprehensive understanding of Minnesota real estate laws and in addition to the “typical” real estate services we offer we can also offer our legal assistance with issues such as:

  • Condemnation
  • Eminent Domain
  • Specific Performance
  • Construction

Regardless of whether you are just starting the process of purchasing or leasing property or you currently own one or multiple income-producing properties, we can provide you a full range of legal services. Contact Bradley Werner at (651) 379-0900 for all your Minnesota real estate transaction legal needs.

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